Month: septiembre 2017

Industrial Chambers? Which are Important?

In the country and in Queretaro there are different chambers to which SMEs mainly affiliate, according to the activity to which they dedicate themselves. Industrial chambers provide a series of services such as consultancy, event organization and training in which affiliates can participate. There are generally no restrictions on joining. In fact it’s very common […]

How to take advantage of communication channels

As we mentioned in our previous blog, there are different strategic communication channels to have digital presence. There are multiple strategies for digital communication channels. We will show you the different ways in which your company can do positioning and promote itself in the digital world. First of all, it is important to mention that it […]

Responsible Communication and Marketing: Sustainable Business Strategies

In 2010, (as all readers of this section should know) the ISO26000 International Standard of Social Responsibility (SR) was born, which revolutionized the business world and organizations with a formal aspiration for sustainability. ISO26000 proposes an internationally validated form on how organizations of any type could establish and/or improve SR structures and their operating frameworks. […]

The first web print is the one that counts

Nowadays the first impression customers have on your brand is the one on the internet. Having an online presence is crucial to helping consumers achieve their buying process. Those websites made with 800 animations or those that are not updated with your latest projects are not going to help. It would seem that it is […]